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Jutkita Wilson

Meet the Counselor


Your School Counselor is Jutkita Wilson

Guidance Department Counseling Program


The Francis Patton Primary School counseling and guidance program is a part of the total school program and compliments learning in the classroom. It is child-centered, preventive, and developmental. The program encourages students’ social, emotional, and personal growth at each stage of their development. The purpose of counseling with students, parents, and teachers is to help students maximize their potential and achieve academic success. The counseling and guidance program provides our students with assistance in:

  • Understanding the decision-making process
  • Maintaining effective relationships with peers and adults
  • Developing effective study skills
  • Being prepared to make the transition to the next grade and middle school
  • Gaining an understanding of the world of work.

Benefits for Students

Students are seen individually  when determined appropriate. It is short-term, voluntary, and confidential. Parental permission is obtained prior to counseling. Students are seen by the counselor when: parents request for them to see the counselor, and when teachers, administrators, or other school staff refer the student.

Small group sessions focus on building self-esteem, learning how to make or keep friends, developing good study habits, improving communication skills, preparing for middle school, anger management, and coping with changing family situations.

The school counselor helps students become motivated learners and encourages them to discuss concerns with their parents. When students work through their emotional issues, with the help of their parents and counselor, they are able to devote attention and energy to the intellectual tasks at school.

Benefits for the Community



The entire community benefits from the primary school counseling and guidance program because all students are served through classroom guidance programs.


These lessons serve to introduce and/or strengthen the character qualities the parent encourages at home. The School Counselor at Francis Patton follows a comprehensive, developmental counseling guidance curriculum that is based on character education life skills. 


Making an Appointment with the School Counselor is easy!

You can:

  • Come into my office – See my schedule below
  • Email me – (insert email address)
  • Call me – (insert office phone number)
  • Talk with your teacher about making an appointment for you

When I am not doing guidance lessons or in a meeting, there is a good chance you will find me in my office. If I am away, please see my door to see when I will return. 

Reasons for an Appointment

There are many reasons that students may want to meet with the school counselor.
Common reasons include:
  • a fear or a worry
  • difficulty making and getting along with friends
  • a family problem
  • a school problem

A teacher may refer a student to meet with the school counselor.
Common reasons include:

  • Behavior problems at school – shyness or aggression, motivational issues, daydreaming, test anxiety, in constant need of attention, or poor organization/study habits
  • Adjustment problems – transitions and loss through death, divorce, separation, blended families, new home, new school, or illness

A parent may want to meet with the school counselor.
Common reasons include:

  • Parenting difficulties – discipline, communication, parenting skills, or homework skills
  • Child’s behavioral issue – bullying, getting along with peers, or social/emotional concerns
  • Referrals – parents may seek more intensive services for their child or family and the counselor can provide a list local resources

What to expect in an Appointment


  • Talk about things that are important to the student
  • Work on a plan to meet a goal
  • Read stories that help students learn and understand more about themselves
  • Play games to learn ways to relate to others


  • Discuss concerns about student
  • Work out a plan for the student to be successful