Francis Patton Primary School History

Francis Landey Patton is the scholar after whom Francis Patton School is named. Dr. Francis Landey Patton is a graduate of Warwick Academy, the University of Toronto and Princeton Theological Seminary.   His teaching career began in 1872 with his appointment as Cyrus Hall McCormick Professor of Didactic and Polemical Theology at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Northwest (now McCormick Seminary).

Francis Patton School opened its doors on September 18, 1950 with 272 students. Its first headmaster was Dr. Kenneth E. Robinson. Initial staff members included: Mrs. Inez Taylor, Miss Inez Kennedy, Mrs. Ellen Stowe, Mrs. Rosalind Robinson, Miss Doris Francis, Mrs. Agatha Burgess, Mrs. Lillian Woolridge, Miss Nelda Reid, Miss C. Roslyn Battersby and Mrs. Francis Burch. The amalgamation of students from Cripple Gate and Temperance Hall attended the school. During this time, small one-room schools were being merged into larger schools.

  • The first assembly began with the opening prayer conducted by Mr. F.S. Furbert of the Berkeley Institute. By September 29, there were 295 students enrolled.
  • On November 2nd, 1950, the school was officially opened and named by Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Alexander Hood.
  • Class outings to places of interest for Francis Patton School students started as soon as the doors opened. The first outing took place on September 21, 1950. Two hundred and fifty students visited Hamilton Parish Workmen’s Club. On the second outing, the Standard VI girls visited The Mid-Ocean News facilities.
  • The school’s first play and Operetta took place on December 14, 1950. The first Valentine Tea was held on February 15, 1951 and a Valentine dance was held at the school on Friday, February 16th.
  • On March 16, 1951, Francis Patton School placed 2nd in the Eastern Division of the Inter-School Sports. At the finals of the Inter-School Sports competitions, the school placed 2nd overall amongst the island’s schools.
  • On April 9, 1951, Francis Patton participated in the Bermuda Union of Teachers East End Divisional competition. The school won first place in four of the eight categories. At the finals on April 17, 1951, Francis Patton placed second overall against the competing schools.


Today, Francis Patton continues to be a school that has a rich community support system. We have embarked new initiatives that will assist on moving our 21st Century learners into being positive productive citizens for our island & for the world. Francis Patton Primary has started , Francis Patton Primary Community Fellowship Meetings; an initiative that would support the reinvention of the school. These meetings are held termly inviting all stakeholders from the community (parents, community leaders, community businesses, churches, etc..) to discuss with our staff what they wanted for and in Francis Patton Primary. These meetings assist the school in creating and vision of how to empower our students into greatness.
Our school theme is- LEADERSHIP. Our motto- Live, Learn, Love supports our theme and vision for how we develop 21st century leaders into greatness.   Our newly adopted vision and mission statement speaks to our core values as a community and is intended to remind us why students who attend Francis Patton Primary come to school. The motto, vision and mission statements are visible throughout the schools and are recited daily. 
The school has developed FPP Systems adopted from Uncommon Schools. The FPP Systems is a minute by minute approach to how we operate instruction, discipline, celebrations, roles, responsibilities and adhere to the expectations that all stakeholders have brought into. Francis Patton continues to be a Professional Learning Community with a focus on having all stakeholders understand our goals, core values and of focus from this school year using our school improvement plan for this school year to drive student success and academic achievement.