My name is Garita Coddington, and I am very excited to lead the teachers and staff as principal of Francis Patton Primary School. As I enter my fourth year as the proud principal of Francis Patton Primary School, I have found that dramatic school improvements can be achieved through a safe and healthy environment, rigorous and engaging academic program, and a collaborative and inclusive partnership with our community of stakeholders.


With a calm and inviting learning environment established, we are now focusing on improving the instructional program, teaching and learning, we provide for our students. As the instructional leader, I am focused on working with my team to enhance the delivery of instruction which includes providing professional developmental opportunities to effectively increase student success.


This new school year also gives us time to reflect on our own successes and determine where we go from here. We will continue to use the 7 Habits Principles to grow our young leaders and scholars to be empowered to set goals and to create the plan that will get them there. Class Mission Statements are also an important piece of The Leader In Me process. Each year each class creates their mission statements that serves as an accountability standard of what each class member strives to be as a leader in the school.


I can’t tell you how proud I am of the growth I have seen since 2010 as our young leaders show their leadership skills in and out of school. As we enter our third year as a LEADERSHIP school we are already seeing how students view themselves and are feeling empowered to be the change they want to see. They are becoming leaders to others and more importantly, leaders in their own lives. I am grateful each day for working with a staff that recognizes what a difference teaching and living through the 7 habits can make in our students’ lives. Without their continued dedication to the process, we would never experience the successes we are already having. They are truly amazing!


Finally, I am committed to reaching out to parents and members of the community. Parent participation in schools is necessary. Improved communication, through multiple avenues will allow teachers and parents to form a cohesive team and ultimately improve student success. Through this type of outreach, we are creating effective partnerships with businesses and organizations that with their support, our students will benefit and have opportunities to be excellent.


I look forward to the challenging and life changing work ahead of us. I am confident that with synergy, we will continue to transform Francis Patton Primary School into a shining example of academic excellence for which Hamilton Parish is well-known.

 Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.         

– Sam Walton